Rapid E-machine Design using Simcenter SPEED


The consumer today demands products that are designed to their needs and preferences. This adds to the pressure on manufacturers that are challenged to meet the demands of the changing business environment apart from the changes in the product design process and their deployment. Products include mechanical and electronic components, software and controls and they also must meet the directives for energy efficiency.

What you get from this white paper

The rapid E-machine design addresses the challenges the engineers face today by quickly providing performance results of the electric machine design as with the templated geometries, the choice of material and specification of the important design parameters. This ensures the design is fully supported and guided. You get fast and automated workflows from setup to solution through pre-defined scripts and user-based scripting. By making use of the design exploration due to its full parametrization capabilities, engineers can explore a wide range at a very early stage in the development process.

Learn benefits of Simcenter SPEED

  • Quickly and easily analyze the most E-machine problems
  • Maximize e ciency and minimize losses
  • Reduce the overall cost
  • Incorporate design exploration to discover better designs earlier in the development timeline
  • Enable fast design of a wide range of electric machine types
  • Perform fast computation due to the analytic approach
  • Oer higher accuracy with easily linkable FE based electro-magnetic solver (PC-FEA, Simcenter STAR-CCM+, MagNet)
  • Ensure that workflow automation allows participation of the multi-physics platform Simcenter STAR-CCM+
  • Integrate intelligent design exploration using HEEDS

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