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  5. Realize Engineering Innovation in your Products & Processes though Test Based Solution

Realize Engineering Innovation in your Products & Processes though Test Based Solution

In today’s digital era, manufacturers are challenged with shortened test schedules, inconsistent performance needs, increasing test complexity, growing product diversity, and reduced costs. , you need a solution that can hasten the testing process.

Successfully handling the challenges and complexity of the product designs require proper testing, validation, and optimization of the design that need to be explored digitally and confirmed physically.

Set-up Faster and More Efficient Test Campaigns with Simcenter Testlab

Simcenter Testlab is a complete, integrated visualization solution for test-based engineering. Designed to make individual users and complete teams more efficient, Simcenter Testlab is an ideal software for testing departments that need to be future-focused, offering the right balance between ease-of-use and engineering flexibility, and closing the loop with simulation.

A part of Simcenter portfolio, it helps improve testing processes while boosting productivity and product innovation. Covering multiple test needs, Simcenter Testing Solutions integrate a complete suite of acquisition, analytics, and modeling software with multi-physics data acquisition hardware bringing testing and simulation closer.

The solution significantly increases a test facility’s productivity, delivering more reliable results.

  • Faster delivery of durability insights when preparing for test rig campaigns or reliable simulations
  • Availability of prototypes is dramatically reduced

Simcenter Testlab Neo - End-to-end Durability Testing

The software platform offers greater productivity, more insights, increased confidence and easier collaboration. Whether you are a novice or an expert, easy to use Testlab Neo facilitates work productivity and faster navigability and improves team collaboration. The platform:

  • Helps designer speeds up analysis
  • Supports multidisciplinary analytics
  • Easily embeds simulation models

Simcenter Testxpress - Make No Testing Compromise

If you are looking for a solution that can certify products according to the vibration and acoustical ISO standards, Simcenter Testxpress is for you. With the speed of performance and easy to use interface, Textxpress seamlessly integrates data acquisition and analysis. It addresses all industry needs and is designed for optimal productivity for different types of vibration, acoustics or durability related tasks.

  • Provides real-time power, faster testing and easier diagnosis
  • The best tool for troubleshooting and certification testing
  • Scalable solution that adapts to future needs

Simcenter SCADAS - Designed for Noise and Vibration Testing

Simcenter SCADAS delivers the data quality and format required to get the job done right the first time. It is the tool that delivers reliable results and optimal testing productivity

Simcenter Anovis - Perform Pass or Fail Checks

Simcenter Anovis ((Acoustic Noise and Vibration Signal) offers a complete software and hardware platform for industrial quality testing. It performs robust and reliable end-of-line testing during manufacturing to certify both product and process manufacturing quality.

Simcenter Soundbrush - Easy, Fast and Interactive

Easy-to-use, Simcenter Soundbrush has the capability to visualize 3D noise pressure in real-time. You can identify accurately the noise sources, including sound intensity values, sound propagation directions, and sound power values in one single and simple measurement.


Simcenter Testing Solutions is designed to offer test teams the capabilities they need to innovate smart products under tight delivery timelines. It delivers critical insights that help innovate smart products, increase testing productivity and efficiency, maintain quality, enhance team collaboration and engineering flexibility, and close the loop with simulation and lower cost of ownership.

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