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Realizing a Digital Enterprise Driven by Standards


In this paper Siemens Digital Industries Software presents our vision and strategy for the use of standards across the Digital Enterprise. It is worth noting that the Digital Enterprise is not comprised of just PLM, but rather encompasses PLM, manufacturing operations management (MOM) and factory automation. Although some software providers focus on only engineering and design, Siemens looks at the use of standards in a holistic fashion across the entire value chain.

What you get from this white paper


  • Learn about standards used in Siemens products that are principally aimed at discrete manufacturing across a wide range of domains, including automotive, aerospace and consumer products.
  • This whitepaper refers to the Digital Enterprise as a business that not only creates and uses digital representations of the products and environment in which it operates, but aspires to trace an entire digital thread of its products as digital twins through their product lifecycle.

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