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Red Bull Racing and NX

Red Bull Racing has been hitting the track since the early 2000s. Siemens PLM has been a longstanding innovation partner to Red Bull Racing for best in class software solutions. Throughout the complete software suite Siemens PLM has to offer, Red Bull Racing was able to access all files, documents, and drawings with simple connectivity of product solutions.

Siemens PLM has capacities other software can’t hold a candle too, such as the ease of the design process. These designs can be modified and reworked with downstream associativity all team members are in alignment as soon as the changes are made. This ease of operations allows for the busy schedule of Red Bull Racing to design, implement, and manufacture on time.

The main goal Red Bull Racing seeks each year is to win races and ultimately win championships. This partnership with Siemens PLM has made tough designs and manufacturing challenges easy overcome. Due to the short time frame of the racing season, the software, staff, and ideas have to be the most cutting edge.

In every race, the engineering team for Red Bull has to redevelop and redesign the cars they race. This process improvement can be daunting but with the ability to take predesigned, and premanufactured parts and make changes this can be done much simpler. Red Bull uses NX CAD to precision engineer designs, drawing parts, and making components to put in the car.

Each racecar Red Bull Racing has made is designed with complex parts and through the breath of Siemens PLM, these parts are created quicker, with the ability to make smarter decisions and utilization of resources more wisely. Making quicker decisions allows for extremely tight deadlines to be met with the help of additive manufacturing.

If you are looking to increase productivity, and drive innovation then use NX. From design to manufacturing there is a one-step process you can perform and never miss a beat. If you are in-between solutions or reevaluating new, try the solutions NX can offer you. Like Red Bull Racing many companies face tight deadlines while trying to maintain innovation. Look no further and trial NX today.

If you are interested in more information on NX, additive manufacturing or any other Siemens solutions contact PROLIM today. Alternatively, leave a comment below for additional blog posts you’d like to see.

Interested in more information, contact us at: market@prolim.com.

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