On-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Ajay Sharma

Reduce the Time and Cost Required for Mold Design By an Automated Step by Step Design Process

Brief Summary of Webinar:

Tooling companies face fierce global competition and are looking to the tool design through the production process to reduce tool cost, reduce tool design through manufacturing lead time, and improve product quality.

Toolmakers of all sizes are driven by “better-faster-cheaper”. The time it takes to deliver tooling is the key competitive driver and by shortening lead time, companies can:

  • Increase job profitability: the more delays, the more cost. On-time completion equals job profitability.
  • Increase shop revenue: completing jobs earlier means more jobs, which equates to more revenue.
  • Take on the more complex and customized job: increased complexity in every product is driving the demand for more complex tools.


Tool that will be covered:

NX Mold Tooling solutions can help companies reduce the time taken to produce tooling while meeting quality and cost objectives. The integrated, industry-specific software applications enable tooling manufacturers to:

  • Read and modify data from multiple CAD systems
  • Automate the step-by-step process based on best practices
  • Re-use company’s know-how, processes, and standard parts that can save reduce the manufacturing cycle by up to 30%
  • Integrate the manufacturing process by using a CAD/CAM/CAE system based on the same technology.
  • Improve global and inter-disciplinary collaboration by using a single platform for data and process management.

Who Should Attend?
It is for Designers engaged in Plastics Mold Design, Forging and Casting Industry and the following can attend:

  • Design Engineers
  • Design Managers
  • Design Heads

Post the session, the participants will be able to:

  • Use Seamless flow for mold designing.
  • Reduce the design cycle time by 30%
  • Know the step-by-step process to design mold faster.

Presenter - Ajay Sharma

Ajay Sharma has over 15 Years of experience while working with the CAD/CAM tools to help the Automotive industry and Industrial Machinery manufacturers adopt the latest technologies in their everyday use He has executed various projects and delivered training on various domains like Forging, Plastics Mold Design, and Product Development using NX CAD and NX CAM.

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