REST Integration between Edge2Web and MySQL

Edge2Web Director is a comprehensive suite of powerful features to build interactive web applications with minimal code. User can take advantage of it’s in built connectivity with MindSphere and its plethora of products like Asset Manager, Time Series, Mind Connect IoT Extension and more. But, in order to connect to any external Data Sources like MySQL Database or a REST Endpoint we need to create a separate Connection and configure it to fetch data from these external Sources into MindSphere.

REST Connection

We have integrated a REST API which fetches data from MySQL DB and provides a JSON String as Output. This REST Endpoint is exposed using AWS API Gateway which also provides the Swagger JSON which is necessary to configure the connector in Edge2Web. The Endpoint is also secured using OAuth 2.0 authentication.


In the highlighted section, we load the Swagger JSON file which has the specification & required details to configure the API & its internal Authentication. API gateway provides the Swagger file.


Since the Endpoint is protected via Basic OAuth 2.0 Authentication, we need to enter the respective details as shown in above image like Auth URL, Client ID and Password. We then publish the Connection within the Flow Editor and it can be used thereafter.

REST Call:

We need to use the Connection in a Flow in order to trigger it and fetch the data as in below image.

The connection produces an output JSON as below which we can further sanitize and transform if required before we use it for a Dashboard or plot a Time Series Line chart / Graph.

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