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Leveraging content reuse across various types of content objects is a significant advantage of Teamcenter Technical Publishing. This capability allows you to reference the same graphics or warning messages in different XML content modules, as well as reuse generic content modules or chapters in diverse document structures. The benefits of this feature are substantial, leading to enhanced consistency and cost savings in content creation and translation processes. However, to fully harness these advantages, it is crucial to effectively track where and how content is reused.

Technical Publishing offers a comprehensive view of relationships between parent and child elements. This means you can easily identify all graphics utilized by a content module and, conversely, view all modules that use a specific graphic. Consequently, when making modifications to a reused graphic or content module, you can promptly understand the impact on all associated documents. This level of visibility ensures efficient management and maintenance of the content reuse process.

Technical Publishing 14.2 includes the following new features for understanding reuse

See whether content is reused in multiple places

Easily spot if an object appears in multiple places. This lets you understand how changes to that object can impact different parts. The indicator is displayed next to each reused object.

Display all document structures referencing an object

Apart from displaying a module’s immediate parents, you can also view any documents that reference that object within their structure.

Display all fragments inside a document structure

You have the ability to view all referenced fragments and graphics located anywhere within a document structure, including embedded warning messages. This simplifies the process of locating and managing objects used within the document structure, making it easier to edit and update them.

Upcoming content reuse improvements

In Technical Publishing 14.3, a new feature will be introduced, allowing you to display all link targets within the document structure. Additionally, you will have the capability to replace a child topic with a newly copied or cloned object. This enables you to make edits to the object independently without impacting other documents.

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