Maintenance and Calibration

Our Maintenance and Calibration is a Community-developed solution that makes it easy to manage maintenance and calibration records for mission-critical tools, gauges and fixtures. Measuring, positioning, recording, and controlling are key parameters for all industrial processes. Thus, top priorities for process instruments are achieving high levels of precision and absolute reliability. We offer a comprehensive range of Maintenance and Calibration and verification services for your process instruments. Whether you need calibration for pressure, temperature, flowmeter, or dynamic weighing systems like belt scales, we support you by ensuring high-level production quality. Our PLM services provide a multitude of benefits for your manufacturing plants as well as your production processes:

Why Maintenance and Calibration Is necessity?

  • To Track inventory of serialized tools
  • To Achieve and maintain ISO requirements for calibration and tool development
  • To Ensure product quality standards
  • To maximize your production yield by eliminating incorrect measurements
  • To determine the accuracy of your instrument To gain compliance with both standard legal and metrological requirements
  • To avoid expenses due to unplanned production downtimes
    To compensate for material and manufacturing tolerances
  • To establish traceability and reliability
  • To control quality Why verify measurement instruments?
  • To increase your device reliability, your plant availability, and the lifetime of your field installations
  • To improve the operational safety of your facility
  • To prevent the failure of your instruments
  • To distinguish between product and installation fault
  • To calculate costs

PROLIM with its maintenance and calibration and verification services, we fulfill the highest standard in quality, reliability, and traceability. We provide access to all calibration parameters of devices as well as the final calibration and verification certificate.