Manufacturing Process Planning

Manufacturing Process Planning provides customers a single, scalable and secure source of manufacturing data that supports lifecycle processes from engineering through production. With a fully managed, single source of knowledge for products, processes, resources and plants, customers can increase manufacturing’s influence on product innovation to drastically improve profitability, time-to-market and quality.

Leading manufacturers are looking for technologies and methodologies that allow them to efficiently author, simulate and manage manufacturing information throughout their organization and with external suppliers. Manufacturers want software tools that can align manufacturing plans quickly and intelligently based on changing product configurations. Manufacturing process planner (MPP) allows design and manufacturing engineers to concurrently develop product and manufacturing process definitions. This ensures that manufacturing constraints are reconciled during product design and vice versa. Using Teamcenter powerful change management capabilities, manufacturers can quickly react to changes originating at any point of the design/build lifecycle.

Manufacturing Process Planning –

A collaborative solution for planning assembly manufacturing processes has many features like

  • Advanced time management capabilities to optimize value-added and nonvalue-added operation time
  • Fully integrated product and manufacturing (process, resource, plant) data to concurrently build product and process plans
  • Highly intuitive and user configurable user interface to optimize the process design and analysis steps
  • Reconcile engineering and manufacturing bill of materials (BOM) quickly using powerful accountability check reports
  • Comprehensive workflow and change management capabilities for both product and manufacturing engineering
  • Process Gantt and Pert charts to accurately represent process sequence and associated information
  • Visualization and management of operations, resources, variants and changes in a dynamic 3D environment

Advantages of Manufacturing Process Planning are –

  • Ensure overall product and process quality
  • Quicken new product introductions
  • Abbreviate time-to-production
  • Quickly react to change at any stage of the design and help to build process
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Allow engineers, designers and shop floor personnel to collaborate efficiently

Manufacturing process planner also provides a comprehensive set of time management solutions. It supports lean initiatives by ensuring a clear visibility to value-added and nonvalue-added activities. Using charts and reports process planners can analyze and validate activity time at various levels of the process structure and roll up time