Part Traceability

PROLIM Part Traceability empowers traceability to module vendor codes, serial codes and lot codes in as-built and as-maintained configurations. Everyone who intricate in making, storing, and allocating products understands the value of tracking them from the time they are created until the time they are sold. Tracking is the primary method of determining production output, knowing where product is located at any given time, and establishing potential income. Parts traceability focuses on documenting the genealogy of the parts, assemblies, and sub-assemblies that comprise a finished product. The goal of parts traceability is the collection of product data.

Part Traceability Benefits:

  • Identify problem areas quickly and easily
  • Saving valuable time and resources
  • Track and manage historical, inspection, maintenance and other critical information
  • Improve standards and regulatory compliance
  • Supports lead-free assembly by distinguishing between leaded and nonleaded components, assuring that the correct components are allocated to the correct process and by providing post-production traceability as demanded by the RoHS directive
  • Manages exposure time of moisture sensitive devices and tracks material locations in the event of an alert, including material purging when appropriate
  • Provides full traceability for component related queries, reducing the scope of recalls and warranty service provision