PLM Consulting Services

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Services

Our PLM experts provide thought leadership to help your company achieve industry best practices through PLM discovery, implementation, development, and support services.

PLM Discovery and Advisory

Want to reduce your overall business cost while shortening your product time to market?  Let PROLIM help! Call us for a PLM advisory session.

Through discovery we will help you formulate a plan to gain efficiency in your overall business.  Efficiency improvements often happen through processes optimization, technology, and methodology changes.  Let us help you empower and bolster your company’s development to show a real return on investment.

We can provide:

  • Business and Technology Trends
  • Legacy Systems Migration
  • Supplier Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Effects of Industry Standards
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Engineering Excellence
  • System Architecture
  • Integration Strategy
  • PLM Education and Training
PLM Advisory

We are glad to help you examine and evaluate suitable PLM solutions and frameworks.  Our experienced PLM consultants can provide strategic direction and expertise in large- or small-scale technology deployments.

Quality Issue

A High quality PLM Software can reduce product quality issue and regulation problem by up to 90%


A High quality PLM Software can reduce time from creation to marketing of a product up to 90%


A High quality PLM Software can reduce product implementation cost up to 65%

PLM Implementation

Let PROLIM help you deploy technology to improve your overall business processes.  We are highly skilled at:

  • PLM Configuration
  • Establishing Dashboard, Scorecards, and KPE Metrics
  • PLM Data cleansing including applications and their data model
  • EBOM and MBOM Integrations
  • Cost, Change, Project, BOM, and Quality Management
  • Project Management and Scoping
  • Quality Management
  • Management & Scoping

PLM Development

Let PROLIM help you customize technology to meet your specific business needs.  We are highly skilled at:

  • PLM Customization
  • CAD and PLM Integrations
  • ERP and Downstream System Integration

PLM Support Services

Let us support your PLM and CAD needs:

  • PLM Administration Support
  • End User Support
  • Optimization
  • Health Check
  • PLM Data Migration & Cost Control
  • PLM Benchmarking to understand strengths and gap assessment