Product Costing

Product Costing

Delivering cost transparency throughout the product lifecycle is must. When developing a new product, we need to be innovative and need to understand the market opportunity. You need to deliver a quality product, and the timing needs to be right. Perhaps most importantly, you need to be cost-conscious. No matter how great your product is, it cannot be successful without profitability.

For manufacturing companies, the most important consideration after product innovation and quality is how costs will affect their ability to compete in the global marketplace. Developing detailed cost knowledge and maximum transparency across the entire value chain is indispensable for achieving excellent product cost management. Teamcenter software product costing from PROLIM PLM Software enables you to make decisions in the early stages of the product lifecycle when you can have the greatest effect on costs.

Using our Teamcenter product costing, you can efficiently analyze costs to optimize resources. The knowledge provided with Teamcenter, such as machine rates, labor and burden costs, currency conversions, etc. provides a consistent costing standard that significantly increases the transparency, quality and efficiency of the company-wide costing processes. You gain a comprehensive understanding of processes and costs-to-cost estimators that help you optimize in-house manufactured and purchased parts.

Benefits Teamcenter product costing helps to –

  • Delivers standardized costing methodology and a consistent database
  • Provides efficient processes for cross-functional precosting
  • Enables the company-wide exchange of cost information
  • Provides complete cost transparency for all involved business functions
  • Ensures cost-effective return on capital over the product lifecycle
    Delivers optimized purchase prices through knowledge based cost analysis
  • Provides reliable quotations with secured margins

Teamcenter product costing provides an enterprise-wide platform for managing calculations, and thus provides the basis for standardized costing methods, models for fact-based calculations and transparency into cost drivers. Teamcenter product costing provides the ability for data exchange with customer specific systems (for example, ERP).

  • Process-based bottom-up calculation and cost models
  • Integrated cycle time calculators for selected technologies
  • Flexible simulations of what-if scenarios
  • Profitability calculations
  • Flexible reporting functions
  • The 3D visualization, analysis and extraction of cost relevant data for a part
  • Cost-relevant knowledge database
  • Import and export of cost breakdown sheets

Teamcenter delivers enterprise product cost analysis and estimation Teamcenter software from PROLIM PLM Software integrates product cost management within PLM processes to make a positive impact on your company’s bottom-line. Teamcenter product costing solution for individual departments, or as a full enterprise solution for the optimization of cross functional product cost management. You can make the right costing decisions – from early product planning throughout the product lifecycle – to reduce risk, improve time-to-market and increase the profitability of your products.