Tooling Management

Tooling Management

The PROLIM tool management ensures that at any given time, the correct tool is in the correct location and that the data assigned to the tool is up to date. It allows fast tool changes and avoids both scrap by monitoring the tool service life and machine downtimes by using spare tools. Tooling Management automates tool and tool crib inventory and preservation, enabling manufacturers to streamline processes and maximize profitability while improving compliance. Tool Management helps us to   –

  • Track and manage calibration schedules, reporting and compliance
  • Includes consumable, jigs, gauges and serialized tools
  • Features Tool BOM and Tool supplier management
  • Full traceability of your processes
  • Perfectly optimize production
  • Enormous time savings
  • Accurate consumption analyses according to different criteria, for example, tool consumption per component, per machine or per manufacturing area
  • Easy Data Management
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Management and monitoring of measuring equipment
  • Individual solutions can be programmed according to customer requirements