PROLIM PLM visualization capabilities enable everyone in the product lifecycle to access and collaborate on rich design data that they need to do their work. PLM visualization streamlines your engineering and manufacturing processes by creating virtual prototypes from multiple mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) formats. You can reduce costly physical prototypes and perform more specialized studies, from ergonomics to virtual-reality design reviews.

Teamcenter software’s lifecycle visualization suite enables enterprises to enhance their product lifecycle management (PLM) environment with a comprehensive family of visualization solutions. Product teams can use lifecycle visualization to communicate and express design intent more effectively, visualize product data in its entirety and perform lifecycle tasks within the context of an overall product definition. Teamcenter’s lifecycle visualization base solution provides powerful 2D/3D visualization capabilities that enterprises can quickly deploy within their PLM environment to generate immediate return on investment.

Benefits PLM visualization Includes –

  • Extends the value of your existing CAD investments by enabling knowledge users to visualize and leverage product data in standard 2D and 3D format even when this data was created using different authoring software
  • Optimizes lifecycle efficiency and reduces IT burden by enabling your entire enterprise to share data without incurring cost, time and resource overhead associated with CAD systems and heavyweight CAD files
  • Facilitates richer communication and exchange of intellectual assets throughout globally dispersed enterprises otherwise inhibited by geographic, organizational or technological boundaries
  • Allows extended members of your enterprise, such as sales and marketing organizations, allied partners, suppliers and customers, to participate in your development process early and often without the cost, complexity or training typically associated with CAD systems