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Setting the pace of innovation at POLAR

The consumer market is really tough. You have to enter at the right time and more importantly at the right price. It’s even tougher in the wearables market, you are dealing with complex electronics (communications, GPS, gyro, motion and bio sensors) while delicately balancing aesthetics, functionality, size, power, and weight.

Polar’s most advanced sport watch offers competitive pricing while ensuring quality of the final assembly. They had only one way to do that and it was to integrate all aspects of their company at the digital level.

Polar took the challenge head-on; intensified the pace of innovation in the face of increasing product complexity, and delivered an advanced product with a holistic digital twin – dissolving the barriers between mechanical & electronic design while leveraging a Siemens Digital Industries Software backbone, Mechanical CAD, PCB and simulation workflows to verify designs early and often.

With cross-domain collaboration Polar was able to achieve tighter form factors while increasing the performance and functionality of their device, all while managing materials to lower product cost.

Check out the full story here.

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