Setting Up Sheets for Hole Conversions from SW to SE

Setting Up Sheets for Hole Conversions from SW to SE

Procedure for activating hole conversions from SW to SE

Step 1: Download both the Inch and Metric excel sheets from the ftp site (swbroswer_AI_Inch.xlsx and swbrowser_AI_Metric.xlsx): Contact our support for link.

Step 2: Place both files inside of the Solid Edge Holes Folder – Program FilesSolid Edge ST9PreferencesHoles

Step 3: Next, the active .ini file will need to be modified. This is found under Program FilesSolid Edge ST9PreferencesTranslatorsSolidWorks2SE.ini

Step 4: Modify the entries as follows: swStandardAnsiInch=swbrowser_AI_Inch and swStandardAnsiMetric=swbrowser_AI_Metric. Be certain not to include the xlsx file extension.

Step 5: Applying these modifications will now create SE threaded holes if they exist in a SW model.

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