Siemens Energy uses 3D multiphysics-based virtual prototyping to improve gas turbine efficiency and reliability


Gas turbines must be designed to produce energy as efficiently as possible, with components designed to sustain reliable operation in the extreme conditions within a gas turbine engine. Complex aerodynamic and thermodynamic interactions are a major determinant of a turbine’s performance; as such, flow and thermal analysis methods are fundamentally important to the gas turbine design process. Many turbine manufacturers still largely rely on one- and two-dimensional correlation-based approximations in their day-to-day turbine design processes, but these methods limit the accuracy of temperature predictions. Competing demands for improved efficiency, reliability, emissions and unit costs have amplified the need for tools capable of moving beyond simple correlation-based methods.

What you get from this white paper

  • Legacy design system
  • CFD-based design system
  • CHT/CFD Design System

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