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As the energy market evolves, so do the company’s products and solutions. To this end, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery continues to invest millions of pounds in developing new technology that maximizes the performance of its customers’ gas turbine plants. To ensure the success of this investment, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery is using Teamcenter® software in the implementation of its long-term strategy to “design anywhere – make anywhere.” Helping to reduce the business challenges like advancing the products and solutions as the energy market evolves and improving the efficiency and return on investment by optimizing design and manufacturing resources across multiple sites around the world.

What you get from this white paper

  • Ability to proactively address market changes and opportunities.
  • Elimination of the need to re-engineer the entire product when enhancing existing products and developing new offerings.
  • Speed and agility in responding to market changes and customer needs.

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