Siemens launches flexible subscription based NX CAM Cloud Connected software

Are you looking for robust CAD/CAM software that fits your budget and business needs? We have a new adaptable solution for your machine shop.

Our NX Cloud Connected subscription-based products enable you to use our advanced NX CAM software at a lower cost. The streamlined online purchase process and quick setup will help you become productive faster. The products instantly deliver powerful capabilities and can connect all manufacturing stages with the integrated CAD/CAM capabilities.

Why NX CAM Cloud Connected subscription software:

  • Comprehensive – Program your CNC machines using a wide range of CAM functions –– from high-speed and 3+2 milling to dual-spindle turning and machining simulation.
  • Automated — Deliver higher quality parts faster by automating NC programming with Feature-Based Machining and Volume-Based programming.
  • Embedded CAD — Create a digital twin of your setup and optimize part models for machining with powerful design and assembly tools.
  • Integrated – Leverage a seamless process, eliminating data transfers with the integrated CAD/CAM capabilities in NX.
  • Standards-compliant — Ensure security and compliance by having your software and data on your computer, while getting the latest NX updates automatically.
  • Flexible — Launch a new manufacturing startup or expand your part machining business with the flexible NX CAM subscriptions.

NX CAM Cloud Connect software offerings:

NX CAM 2.5-Axis Milling

Quickly prepare and automatically program customer CAD models to generate validated production-ready CNC programs.

NX CAD/CAM 2.5-Axis Milling

Drive end-to-end CNC milling operations using powerful CAM capabilities, integrated with part modeling and assembly tools.

NX CAD/CAM Turning

Program single or dual chucks lathes with a wide range of CNC operations, leveraging expended part modeling and assembly functions.

NX CAD/CAM 2.5-Axis Milling & Turning

Efficiently machine prismatic parts on milling and lathe machine tools, using one system to prepare part models, design setups and program CNC operations.

The NX Cloud Connected subscription software is available only in the United States.

Try NX CAM software free for 30 days here.

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