Siemens PLM Community Welcomes Solid Edge Developer Community

Siemens PLM Community Welcomes Solid Edge Developer Community

Solid Edge has the capabilities to allow for anyone using a rich set of integration tools to automate a simple task. Solid Edge can even fully-embed and integrate a CAM system inside the CAD software!  Siemens PLM Community with Solid Edge Community has been well established, and now, Solid Edge has a developer community!

Jason Newell and Mark Burhop will head the latest community page from Siemens PLM.  Jason Newell’s efforts to expand and grow the Solid Edge developer community has been ongoing for eight years now.  He launched his site in 2005, but never really got the opportunity to bring it to the level he wanted.  Jason is extremely pleased to have teamed up with Siemens and Mark Burhop to bring the latest in Solid Edge community interactions.

Jason Newell will be the primary contributor of making this community extremely beneficial for all Solid Edge users and developers.  The Solid Edge Developer community page will include:

– Useful content
– Online documentation
– SEU Developer day events
– Knowledge Base articles
– Q & A

The Solid Edge Developer Forum is now live, along with the Solid Edge Developer Blog, Solid Edge Developer Community,Solid Edge Developer Knowledge Base and Solid Edge Q & A.

Make sure to visit these pages soon and make a contribution to the Siemens PLM Community today!

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