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Capital Networks is being used by CEVT developers to assist agile development methodologies. The systems architecture methodology has enabled the  “The Capital Networks design tool helped CEVT overcome these chal- lenges, enabling our engineers to concentrate less on time-consuming manual work and more on high-value duties that help us differentiate ourselves and succeed in the marketplace,” says a CEVT spokesperson. Capital was selected by CEVT primarily because of Siemens Digital Industries Software. Networks was necessary because it was crucial for the business to have a tested offering. Volvo’s cooperation with the firm and the product unquestionably demonstrated that both reached that benchmark.

What you get from this white paper


  • With Capital Networks, we get the best of both worlds: proper design with the ability to alter elements as needed.
  • Choosing a proven entity: Volvo’s effort with the business and product definitely paid off. Direct communication with Siemens Digital Industries Software, allowed for closer cooperation.
  • Controlling the network design: Some original equipment makers (OEMs) have more than 15,000 signals. With Capital Networks, you can view the signal publisher, ports, and users with a single click.

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