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Presenter: Ajeet Singh

Simcenter Durability Analysis

Brief Summary of Webinar:


Now we are into the era of lean and efficient products the most challenging task for durability engineers is designing fail-safe components and systems in the most efficient manner. System parts with insufficient fatigue strength may cause permanent structural damage and potentially life-threatening situations. Mistakes can cause product recalls which negatively influence not only the product but the overall brand image. Shorter development cycles and ever-increasing quality requirements have stretched test-based durability approaches to the limits. Evaluating and refining the durability performance by simulating using durability software methods is the only valid alternative.

Simcenter durability software gives you access to state-of-the art fatigue analysis methods that enable you to perform fatigue life prediction analyses quickly and accurately accounting for realistic loading conditions.

Who Should Attend?

  • R&D Head.
  • Simulation Analyst
  • Durability Specialist
  • FEA Engineer


Post the session, the participants will be able to:

  • Learn how Simcenter Durability is a right fit for your products to reduce cost and time in verifying the best model to continue from all the available iterations.
  • Understand the Scope of Durability Simulation in Simcenter 3D for your products.


Presenter - Ajeet Singh

Ajeet Singh has More than 8 years of experience across Manufacturing industry of providing technical consultancy to large and medium enterprises, with the first-hand experience in product design, product validation and communication management he has practical exposure of the solution related to CAD, CAM, CAE he delivered tailored solutions to many emerging industries and segments.

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