Simcenter Flo-EFD v. 18.0 for NX

Who is excited? The latest version for Simcenter FLOEFD for NX has been released and announced. This release is supported for NX, and this release for Simcenter FLOEFD introduces a wide range of productivity enhancements and thermal management functions from the design engineers interested in fluid dynamics. We are here to show a deeper look at what this all means for you!

The newest release for Simcenter FLOEFD discusses the new battery compact models, an increase in accuracy for collaboration flux plot for new insight, smart PCB, improved EDA support, OneSim co-simulation, radiation-related functionalities, lighting functionalities, the enhanced user experience, and improved user productivity.

Throughout the new battery compact model, the heat distribution rate is based on the electrical or electrical-chemical characteristics of the cell. This has a couple of different models to choose from however the heat must be dissipation rate should be applied to both which allows for the voltage, temperature, and distribution to be predicted.

Due to the lack of internal structure, there can be utilization in the semiconductor package characteristics used for simulation. Through using the semiconductor package there can be an increase in accuracy from the data used. This product is the leading market thermal transient measurement system with the new collaboration mode to search functionality, materials, and dimensions.

If you are looking for more insights into design, the flux plot will display the distribution of heat from components. Through this function, there is also a heat transfer with radiation or convection. All the grouped components can be calculated and described in a chart for the balance of heat coming and going.

The PCB network is implementing a new function called Smart PCB which means the network is designed to have layering images to conducts a precise PCB internal structure. These layers look like layers of colors showing the transfer of heat from one section to another. This function allows for the importing of mapping through .csv files or. term export which requires the EDA bridge module.

The electrical design automation and mechanical design automation is driving the connection of engineers closer and closer. This idea of the new model of electrical and mechanical automation working together displays the effectiveness conductivity with empirical data.

There is a co-simulation that occurs when the Simcenter FLOEFD is considered to be a part of the Simcenter Flomaster network. This allows for the combination of pressure, flow rates, and fluid temperatures to be calculated through linked conditions or hydraulic nodes in the solution process.

Radiation brings a few functions revolving around emission and absorption by H20 and C02 by combustion analysis. If you are looking for more of a combustion analysis thy can now be estimated from the mass of friction from non-equilibrium Nitric Oxide (NO) due to Thermal-NO mode. This is the predominant source of NOx in gas flames with temperatures up to around 1800k.

Water film motion is usually a collaboration of aerodynamic forces such as fog/defogging. Solar radiation direction is the idea of direct time and moment with animation with a radiant surface. The idea radiation is conveying is that temperature defines the condition on lighting based on the voltage of radiant on an object.

Through all of these newest functions, the user experience is transformed allowing for better course conditions, easier change of material and better visibility. There is an option for a synchronized view through the Simcenter FLOW EFD View with visibility of orientation, min/max values, and plot. Post-processing also plays a key role in this area of user experience giving better flow trajectories and a better-streamlined process.

The productivity for users is insane, there are so many new features and functions it could take months to get through. However, attending classes related to this new release would be advised and suggested for anyone trying these new things out. These features can be accessed in Solid Edge, NX and Simcenter FLOEFD.
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