Simcenter – Traction Motor Design


This white paper discusses the engineering, simulation and computational challenges of an end-to-end design process for traction motors for the hybrid and electric vehicle (xEV) industries. Each of these aspects is discussed with respect to a typical V-cycle, from design conception to prototype creation. The key engineering objectives include developing high-power density, high-efficiency, fault-tolerant, robust and low-cost machines. Implementing a novel and integrated design and development workflow using modern simulation tools will play a central role in achieving these objectives. In this white paper, we discuss the core advantages embedded in the state-of-the-art Simcenter™ software suite of tools that are designed to meet current and future traction motor design challenges.

What you get from this white paper

  • Powertrain architectures evaluation to obtain traction motor performance envelop.
  • Rapid motor sizing using analytical methods.
  • Finite Element Analysis-based calculation for low-frequency electromagnetics

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