Simplifying life with Topology Optimization capabilities in NX

Calling all engineering designers to the floor! Let’s talk about input constraints, structural integrity, optimal weight, and material usage.  

 Does your brain ever run in circles thinking about was that measurement correct, or did I mean to use the wrong material, or did I miss something I shouldn’t have? 

 Now, how does topology have anything to do with forgetting minor pieces to the puzzle or using less material? NX generative design has an embedded utility of Topology Optimization. When generative design partners with Topology Optimization, the combination allows for a streamline effect of designing. Basically, simplifying the geometry of a model to make sure maximum profit is achievable.  

 With given rules or constraints, the models using topology optimization will in return details giving the end user many options to pick from when designing a possible part. This allow the designer to be able to focus more on what their parameters are and give the customer 100% what they deserve.  

 So, you might ask yourself, how does this impact me? Well, I am glad you asked! You will have more time to work on other projects, spend less than half the time you normally would on each project and be able to make sure your measurements, constraints, etc. are exact.  

 Using Topology Optimization will allow your company to focus on making a product right the first time, opposed to wasting time or material reworking a design. 

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