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Simulation Driven Ship Design

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This paper introduces simulation-driven ship design as the new way of thinking about vessel design. This approach makes full use of the digital technology available today. By shifting the design process from a traditional design spiral to a fully integrated design environment driven by intelligent algorithms and automated tools and processes that are all connected throughout the lifecycle via the product lifecycle management (PLM) backbone, you can both reduce costs in the early design phase and increase confidence in performance. This way naval architects can focus on engineering and innovation and add system-level optimization across functions rather than wasting time building disconnected models or communicating information using incompatible data sets and siloed processes. The Whitepaper explains how this approach works and gives examples of its use.

What you get from this white paper


  • Learn how an integrated design environment, workflow automation and intelligent design exploration provide the foundation for a new approach to vessel design: simulation-driven ship design (SDSD).
  • Simulation-driven ship design as the new way of thinking about vessel design.

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