Simulation-led Subsea Engineering


Subsea production system design and operation are among the most difficult engineering issues in the energy business. To overcome these issues, simulation and predictive analytics are essential.

Engineers can use multiphysics system simulation methodologies to quickly create, evaluate, and configure equipment, production, and control systems. By capturing complicated multiphase flows, thermal phenomena, and structural behaviours, high-fidelity simulation systems provide more detail to guide design decisions as well as enlighten operations and flow assurance concerns.

What you get from this white paper

This paper shows how engineers may use the digital twin to design and operate subsea systems in a safe, dependable, and efficient manner.

  • Multiphase and multiphysics simulation
  • Flow-induced vibration risk quantification
  • Erosion prediction and management
  • Vortex-induced motion and vibration
  • Managing pressure surges in hydraulic systems
  • Thermal design and performance
  • Hydrate avoidance and thermal design

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