Six Ways Capital Reduces Program Risk During A&D Platform Development and Integration


The increased demand for profitability has made platform development of A&D systems a high-risk venture, along with emerging developments such as introducing more capabilities using electrical systems. With the complexity and integration challenges of systems on the rise, businesses face competitive pressures not only at the level of the network but across the entire supply chain. Project specifications are now distributed through all aspects of design, production and manufacturing into various disciplines that influence the product hierarchy.

What you get from this white paper

  • How to optimize the architecture of an electrical device before the design even begins.
  • Applying institutional knowledge and experience automatically.
  • Collaborating across design disciplines.
  • Generating proof of compliance as the electrical system progresses.
  • Connecting production engineering to the design of harnesses.
  • Accelerating routine maintenance and optimizing the availability of operations.

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