Smart Assistance in Mendix Version 9

Mendix Uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) assistance called MX Assist for the developers in application development called AI-Assisted development (AIAD).

The purpose of MX Assist is to help developers build their applications in a smarter way, efficient, accurate, higher quality and with constraint time. It also helps developers to know the appropriate logic or the simpler way of representing the solution.
In the newer version released by Mendix Team i.e., Mendix Version 9 onwards MX Assist has improved in a more efficient way than the before released version and MX Assist acts as a co-developer for the developers creating the application where each specialized in a certain domain or stage of the application lifecycle development.

Currently, MX Assist consists of two virtual co-developer bots namely –

  • MX Assist Logic Bot
  • MX Assist Performance Bot
Mendix Uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) assistance called MX Assist for the developers.

MX Assist Logic Bot

MX Assist Logic Bot helps to model and configure the microflows in Mendix studio pro. It gives the developers contextualized recommendations on the next move that is to be created in the microflow based on the parameters and activities. It is built using Machine Learning analysis of over twelve million anonymized application logics built with Mendix. It also uses Deep Learning to detect and learn the patterns that was created within the microflow, and this learning helps the model to predict in the similar way of patterns or to become more intelligent than the last logic prediction.

Features of MX Assist Logic Bot

  • Next best action suggestion
  • Auto-configuration
  • Contextual suggestions
  • High accuracy

Access Settings of MX Assist Logic Bot

The Steps of accessing are

  • Open edit
  • Click on preferences
  • General tab -> MX Assist Logic Bot tab.

In the Mx Assist Logic Bot tab, you can set the following:

  • Enable Mx Assist Logic Bot -> Switches Mx Assist Logic Bot on and off.
  • Show suggestions for system variables -> When enabled, Mx Assist Logic Bot will make suggestions for system objects.
Mendix Assist Logic Bot

MX Assist Performance Bot

MX Assist Performance Bot helps the developers to inspect applications and points out the anti-patterns in the application development and in turn helps the developers, suggests how to resolve it and in many times, it automatically fixes them. This bot is created using statistical analysis to remove identifying information from Mendix Apps to learn common anti microflows, domain models, pages, security, etc.

Three Level of Assistance of MX Assist Performance Bot

  • Detection.
  • Recommendation.
  • Auto-fixing

Assist Performance Bot

  • Open edit.
  • Click on Preferences.
  • General tab -> Mx Assist Performance Bot tab.
Mendix Assist Performance Bot

Mx Assist Performance Bot is enabled by default and is designed as a pane and to access this follow the steps below:

Click the Configuration button to open the Mx Assist Performance Bot Configuration dialog box that contains the Project Model and Best practice tabs.

  • App Model – Lists all relevant documents in the application. Choose which specific modules to inspect or leave which are not required.
  • Best Practice Tab – Lists the available best practice. We can choose the preferred best practices and inspect the model required.
Mendix Assist Performance Bot
Mendix Assist Performance Bot Configuration

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