Smart Healthcare with Azure IOT

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The whole world is racing towards adopting innovative and state of the art approaches for improving healthcare systems and to better serve the population. Using Azure IoT can benefit the entire Healthcare ecosystem – Providers, Manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals and most importantly Patients.

Ways to improve systems with Azure IOT

Many Pharmaceutical companies and life sciences, biotech’s, providers are continuously working to improve the existing healthcare system. Adopting Connected devices and sensors to track the patients remotely or to gather real-time data from patients and generate analytics and predictions from such analytical data form the crux of the IoT Smart Systems in Healthcare.

Azure IOT provides a cloud platform where we can gather data from connected disparate devices in healthcare facilities and push it to Azure. Once the data is stored in Azure IoT, all entities like the Healthcare facility, Pharmaceutical industry, Public Authorities can access the data and work on finding innovative solutions to improve the overall operation. All participating entities like health care workers can work on real-time data to treat the patients better, public authorities and Pharmaceutical industries can generate analytics on the treatment and how the patients are responding to the on-going treatment to assess any improvement to be made in the medication.

The Smart integration of PROLIM with Azure IoT Central and the Azure API

Digital technology and monitoring assisted with sensors can eliminate human error, ensures regulatory compliance and allows manufacturers in providing quality assured products having low cost in the market as compared with their competitors.
Real-time data availability helps pharmaceutical research and development to work efficiently while monitoring and analyzing simultaneously on common projected platforms partnering with other companies for improving success rates of their medical trials. A common problem faced by many systems are analyzed on a common platform by seeking problems through various angles can easily lead to a beneficial solution in less time
A well-managed platform approach with Azure IOT can ensure secure device connectivity with Azure IoT by handling device provisioning, management and connectivity with the platform as a service option or app-based management for continuous monitoring.

Azure IoT enables multiple solution providers to work simultaneously by accessing centralized data and work towards a common goal which ensures the quality of product and benefits to overall healthcare management at a competitively low cost.

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