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CAMWorks into Solid Edge and take advantage of Synchronous Technology.

Integrate Your Processes

Fully embed CAMWorks into Solid Edge and take advantage of Synchronous Technology, associative knowledge-based machining, and the ability to improve customization with design reuse.

The CAMWorks Difference

Features for Better Machining

Use Knowledge-Based Machining

CAMWorks for Solid Edge uses associative knowledge-based machining to leverage synchronous technology to turn around changes to a solid model and corresponding toolpath in very short order.

Re-Use Proven Machining Strategies

The proprietary TechDBTM (Technology Database) allows you to capture and reuse your programmers’ and machinists’ best practices.

Integrate into Solid Edge with Ease

CAMWorks can be fully embedded inside of Solid Edge. This means that the design and CAM model are one in the same with a similar user interface with the same menus, toolbars and view manipulation.

Maximize Your Productivity with CAMWorks

CAMWorks for Solid Edge is the only feature-based CAM product on the market that leverages synchronous technology, enabling the user to make on-demand manufacturing design changes to any CAD model. The user can accelerate programming time up to 90% by automating workflows with easy-to-use associate NC Programming technology.

CAMWorks for Solid Edge is an embedded CAM program that is fully integrated with Solid Edge. CAMWorks will recognize geometry using patented feature recognition technology and produce tool paths automatically based on the Technology Database (TechDB™).

CAMWorks offers powerful features and a low cost of ownership:

  • Reduces programming time from hours to minutes using automatic feature recognition in conjunction with knowledge base
  • Lowers cost of ownership with ease-of-use and a short learning curve
  • Reduces turnaround time with automatic regeneration of toolpath for rapid ‘on the fly’ manufacturing design changes to any CAD model
  • Retains and standardizes manufacturing best practices by leveraging automatic feature recognition and assigning appropriate machining strategy using a proprietary Technology Database