Rapid Technical Publications

Product documentation is essential to your organization’s success. Having quality and error-free product documentation is important for your customers, suppliers, distributors, and employees. Cortona3D integrated 3D communications make this process simple and user friendly. Whether you are looking to create maintenance publications, operational procedures, parts catalogs, training manuals, or work instructions, Cortona3D RapidAuthor is a powerful and cost-effective authoring suite that includes four pieces: RapidCatalog, RapidLearning, RapidManual, and RapidWorkInstruction. With RapidAuthor, users with no 3D expertise can create compelling simulations and associated text.

Create Compelling Manuals in Minutes

RapidManual’s provides an easy to use intuitive framework that allows authors to easily create 3D Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) / Operating Procedures / Assembly Work (Installation) Instructions, where the content is driven by the 3D object – whether its for operations, service, repairs or maintenance.

Create an Interactive 3D Online Parts Catalog

Cortona3D RapidCatalog uses 3D ‘explosions’ to communicate complex assemblies that everyone can understand. Its interactive environment with drill down navigation improves the user experience and puts an end to ordering and purchasing errors, inefficiency and lack of productivity.

Improve Training with Interactive 3D Learning

Cortona3D RapidLearning combines existing CAD assets with training documentation to generate visually realistic, interactive learning. RapidLearning guides trainers through the production process, prompting them to illustrate each step of the training scenario with a corresponding 3D animation and build a complete RapidLearning simulation.

Easily Create Interactive 3D Work Instructions

RapidWorkInstruction re-uses content direct from engineering CAD enabling the Manufacturing Engineer to quickly create the M-BOM and Bill of Process. Multiple types of information can be combined and accessed including CAD drawings, E-BOM and M-BOM, 3D models, data sheets, library parts, health and safety information, photos, etc. to ensure the work is completed quickly, correctly and safely every time.