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Machine Deeper and Faster

Reducing cycle times by 70% or more, iMachining for NX provides a breakthrough in CNC milling tool path technology that saves significant time and material cost. It enables extremely faster and deeper machining by optimizing tool cutting angles and feed rates throughout the tool path.


The iMachining Difference

Features to Move You Forward. Quickly.

Reduce Machining Time by 70%

Fully optimized feeds and speeds keep the cutter at maximum efficiency allowing you to machine deeper resulting in far fewer passes

Increase Your Tool Life

The average life of a tool is increased 5 times or more with iMachining. And with less wear and tear on your tools you have higher machine up time and reduced maintenance costs.

Integrate with NX CAM

Seamlessly connect iMachining to NX CAM to improve your tool life and reduce cycle time.

“We have found all claims for iMachining to hold true in Dixon Surgical – incredible tool life, faster cycles, lighter cutting loads and protection of small cutters. The user interface is very clear and programming iMachining is faster than traditional strategies.”
Jay Dixon – Dixons Surgical

Maximize Your Productivity with iMachining

iMachining has the exclusive patented iMachining Technology Wizard, the industry’s first and only Tool Wizard that automatically calculates the cutting conditions for the iMachining tool path. The unique Technology Wizard provides optimal feeds and speeds, taking into account the tool path, stock and tool material and machine specifications.

  • How does iMachining do it?
    Since spirals have higher MRR than Trochoidal tool paths, iMachining utilizes various, patented strategies that enable it to use spirals much more often than Trochoidals.
  • iMachining automatically reduces vibrations to prevent excessive tool wear and also decreases the likelihood of forming temporary thin walls that often lead to costly tool damage.
  • Using advanced rest material knowledge (remaining stock), iMachining maintains the highest level of cutting tool engagement by avoiding “air-cuts” and repositioning moves
  • iMachining 3D analyzes all cuts and determines the most efficient grouping of these cuts to reduce tool travel throughout the cut.