Automate quality control with a data-driven process
Automate quality control with a data-driven process

Part Quality Control

Digitalize your quality control process to meet demanding requirements for product quality and dimensional accuracy. By integrating CMM inspection programming, shop floor execution, and measured data analysis, you can establish an efficient data-driven quality control process.

This automated, closed-loop solution enables continuous process control, so you can deliver high-quality products and stay competitive.

Read more about the powerful features for part quality control below.

CMM Inspection Programming

Generate inspection programs automatically by using the part geometry and product and manufacturing information (PMI) that is associated with intelligent CAD models.

Prolim CMM Inspection Programming
CMM Inspection Program Execution

Inspection Program Execution

Run consistent and accurate in-process inspection and measured data analysis of manufactured parts using CMM equipment and inspection-ready CNC machines.

Inspection Data Analysis

Easily compare as-built measured results against the as-designed 3D geometry. You can visualize the measurement results in NX and perform analysis in the context of the digital part model

NX Data Analysis using digital part model

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