Sigmund Edge

Verify and Validate Design Assembly Quality

Varatech’s Sigmund software provides designers and engineers with the ability to evaluate, optimize, and validate assembly. Prevent costly tweaking and delays by testing part tolerance and assembly process variation early in the development phase before solidification and hard tooling procurement. Sigmund eliminates the need for an expert user by providing software that is easy to use and quick to learn. Take advantage of five analysis types including Worst Case, Root Sum Squares, Modified RSS, Monte Carlo Simulations, and Process Centering RSS Analysis. This value-added software can predict the quality of assemblies based upon predetermined tolerance values as well as determine the component tolerances requires to meet an assembly build objective.

SigmundEdge for Solid Edge

  • Ease of use and quick to learn – designed for the non-specialist
  • Automate worst case interference analysis in a unique way
  • Nominal and tolerance based interface visualization at worst case minimum and maximum conditions
  • Works with part, assembly and draft modes of Solid Edge
  • Includes five analysis types: Worst case, RSS, MRSS, PCRSS, and Monte Carlo simulations

Sigmund Standalone: For Catia, Autodesk, or NX (Unigraphics)

  • Five analysis types: Worst case, RSS, modified RSS, Monte Carlo simulations, and process centering RSS analysis (for factors like mean-shifts due to tool wear)
  • The easy to use menu-driven modeling capabilities reduce the need to perform advanced mathematics or programming
  • Predicts the quality of assemblies based upon predetermined build objectives, or determines the component tolerances to meet a given assembly build objective
  • Graphical identification and summary feedback of all build quality issues in the existing design
  • What-if analysis to quickly evaluate multiple design concepts to reduce costly and time consuming prototyping