FloEFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

FloEFD is a CAD-embedded CFD tool that works directly with the user’s existing CAD geometry

FloEFD: The Only Fully CAD-Embedded CFD Software

With FloEFD, design engineers can conduct up-front, concurrent CFD analysis using the familiar MCAD interface. Not only can this reduce design time when compared to traditional methods, FloEFD can also reduce simulation time by as much as 75 percent over other CFD tools.

Now, you can optimize your product performance and reliability while reducing physical prototyping and development costs.


The Advantages of FloEFD

Intuitive User Experience

Simulation is embedded in your NX or Solid Edge CAD tool, so you use the same environment as you do for design. Easily use your latest geometry for analysis and see how modifications influence performance.

Intelligent Simulation

FloEFD uses your native CAD data – so there are no translations or fluid body creation. It also has automatic recognition of model changes and the geometry and simulation data are synchronized.

Easier What-if Analysis

The compare configuration and parametric study capability inside FloEFD enables engineers to understand the influence of changes in the geometry or boundary conditions on the results.

Fast Auto-Mesher

FloEFD uses meshing technology to simulate fluid flows, heat and mass transfer. This meshing process can be easily automated for even the most complex CAD geometries with the aid of SmartCells technology. SmartCells is a unique technology that provides high levels of simulation accuracy with fewer number of mesh cells than in traditional CFD.

Maximize Your Productivity with FloEFD

Featuring intelligent technology enabling fast and accurate simulation, the FloEFD solution helps users frontload CFD simulation early into the design process to understand the behavior of their concepts and eliminate less attractive options.

This version of FloEFD combines a friendly interface, speed and accuracy in an efficient manner, providing users with the ability to develop solutions to a variety of challenges.

Combined with MCAD software, FloEFD is a powerful simulation tool that will help you improve product performance and functionality, reduce costs associated with physical prototyping and production, and minimize the risk of design mistakes.