Solid Edge Wire Harness

Design and optimize wire harnesses with Solid Edge.

Wires, Cables & Bundles

Solid Edge Wire Harness Design is a dedicated process-driven environment for the efficient creation, routing, and organization of wires, cables, and bundles in a Solid Edge assembly. Wire Harness Design allows electrical and mechanical design teams to collaborate on designs to create complete and accurate digital mockups containing both mechanical and electrical components, and removes the need for expensive physical prototypes. Design violations such as exceeding physical bundle size or a bend radius being too tightly routed are constantly monitored as the harness is being designed; live feedback immediately displays any problems. Reporting of cable and wire cut length and attributes (allowing for a slack percentage and wire stripping) are captured during the harness design process. The export of ready-to-use ‘net list’ files adds these mechanical attributes to generate harness designs that are ready for manufacturing.

Automatic wire harness design

Once electrical engineers have developed and proven their designs using electrical prototypes (a task becoming increasingly important as the size and complexity of electrical systems increase), the harness wizard allows mechanical engineers to automatically generate and route physical wires and cables. The harness wizard uses input from dedicated electrical schematics applications such as Mentor Graphics, Cimteam and Vesys to automatically transfer any net-list components and connections to Solid Edge.


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