Accelerate Your Design Process

Solid Edge XpresRoute eases the design of mechanical routed systems. A comprehensive set of industry-specific design tools helps designers quickly route and model piping and tubing in Solid Edge assemblies. Fully integrated with Solid Edge, XpresRoute utilizes process-specific workflows that match industry best practices and work the way that you want to work. With XpresRoute, you not only accelerate your design process for mechanical routed systems, you also enjoy improved BOM accuracy and lower costs through standardization.

Solid Edge PathXpres

Solid Edge PathXpres enables designers to rapidly define a 3D tube or piping path without drawing the individual lines of the path. Solid Edge PathXpres automatically generates an optimum path between two points.

Solid Edge OrientXpres

Solid Edge OrientXpres is an interactive design aid that assists in drawing 3D lines defining the path. As designers draw line or arc segments, Solid Edge OrientXpres locks the orientation of the line parallel to an axis or plane. 3D curves can also be used for tube creation, allowing designers to easily represent flexible tubes and hoses. Path segments may be associated with assembly geometry and/or other path segments using standard Solid Edge relationships such as parallel, perpendicular and colinear.

Automatic 3D components

Once the path is defined, a solid model of the system of tubes or pipes is established along the path segment, creating an accurate virtual mockup. Designers can specify attributes such as size, extents and end treatments via simple dialog boxes. For piping systems, 3D pipes, fittings and components are automatically positioned and correctly oriented upon population. All components are fully associative and update with the parts to which they are connected. When the assembly model is modified, pipes and tubes automatically adapt to design changes.