Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

PROLIM-Build world class products accurately and efficiently
Build world class products accurately and efficiently using the latest manufacturing techniques

Solid Edge manufacturing solutions help manufacturers to define and execute a wide range of traditional and new manufacturing processes including CNC machining, nesting, cutting, bending, molding, welding, assembling, and additive manufacturing.

These software solutions work directly on your Solid Edge part, sheet metal and assembly models ensuring accurate and efficient manufacturing processes, and the manufacturing instructions created using these solutions can be easily updated to reflect any changes in the underlying design.


Solid Edge CAM Pro

Designed with Solid Edge users in mind, Solid Edge CAM Pro features a rich set of tools to help you finish the job right the first time. Solid Edge CAM Pro is a modular, flexible configuration of numerical control (NC) programming solutions that allows you to maximize the value of your investments in the latest, most efficient and most capable machine tools. Easy to deploy and easy to learn, it provides powerful NC programming with a low total cost of ownership.


Solid Edge CAM Pro has greatly increased ease-of-use over other CAM products. Dialog options feature pop-up pictures to explain exactly what that option does and on-screen graphics provide instant feedback to the user on the proposed tool path. Solid Edge CAM Pro also comes with fifteen built-in tutorials.

Tight integration with Solid Edge

Sending files from Solid Edge to Solid Edge CAM Pro is a one-button click. Send a single file or a whole manufacturing assembly. Furthermore, the data retains associativity so that when late-stage design changes occur they can be easily incorporated into the manufacturing plan.

CAD neutral capability

Understand influence of changes in the geometry or boundary conditions on the results by comparing a wide range of project variants. Assess results by numerical values, graphs or animations.

PMI functionality

Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) is transferred along with geometry data from Solid Edge to Solid Edge CAM Pro. That makes it easy for the NC Programmer to design the manufacturing plan according to the engineer’s specifications.