Solid Edge 2019

Solid Edge 2019

Next Generation Design—Today

Coming in Fall 2018: Solid Edge’s newest version provides next generation product development for today’s engineers. This includes best-in-class electrical and PCB design, fully integrated simulation analysis, the latest tools for subtractive and additive manufacturing, new requirements management capabilities, and free, secure cloud-based project management.

Highlights of What’s New

Mechanical Design: Next Generation Technology

New capabilities in convergent modeling allow engineers to incorporate mesh models into their design workflow, creating real designs, not just inspirational shapes. New manufacturing constraints support milling, casting or molding of generative designs, in addition to 3D printing, all optimized to weight and strength requirements. New design for cost capabilities to keep product development on track and within budget.

Electrical Design: Overcome Electrical Design Challenges Early in the Design Cycle

Solid Edge Wiring Design delivers wiring design and simulation tools for the rapid creation and verification of electrical systems. Solid Edge Harness Design allows rapid and intuitive harness and formboard design with automated part selection, design verification, and manufacturing report generation. Solid Edge Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design provides schematic capture and PCB layout, including sketch routing, hierarchical 2D/3D planning and placement and ECAD-MCAD collaboration. And Solid Edge Electrical Routing efficiently creates, routes, and organizes wires, cables, and bundles.

Manufacturing: Bring Your Ideas to Life

Introducing Solid Edge CAM Pro—a comprehensive, highly flexible system that uses the latest machining technology to efficiently program your CNC machine tools, from simple NC programming to high-speed and multi-axis machining. Associative toolpaths for parts and assemblies speed design changes and updates. In addition to traditional manufacturing processes, Solid Edge supports automated print preparation and color printing for additive manufacturing directly to your printer or a 3D printing services so you can make your ideas a reality.

Modular Plant Design: Solid Edge P&ID and Piping Design

Solid Edge P&ID Design provides 2D flow diagram and symbol support for P&ID creation, supporting ANSI/ISA, DIN, and EN ISO standards to meet strict governing requirements.

Solid Edge Piping Design provides automated 3D piping design with comprehensive 3D part libraries and fully automated isometric drawing output for plant design. This solution includes fully automated isometric drawing output via PCF format using integrated ISOGEN® functionality. Tubes and hoses of the same length in different assemblies—even if they are flexed differently—maintain the same BOM number, reducing erroneous manufacturing and ordering downstream. Solid Edge Piping Design also supports routing through parts, allowing faster packaging design, and flexible tube and hose design with a fixed length option.

Simulation: Design Validation Just Got Easier

Solid Edge offers enhanced structural and thermal simulation, including transient heat transfer. Time-based history analysis enables simulation of thermal and cooling performance. Free surface flow simulation, lighting and radiation capabilities allow digital “what if” analysis.

Technical Publications: Communicate Clearly and Effectively

Quickly create and publish detailed illustrations of your product designs, and publish interactive digital documents for manufacturing, installation, and maintenance work instruction packages. Associative updates keep documents in sync when product designs change.

Data Management: Take Control of Your Data and Requirements

New Solid Edge Requirements Management—manage product design requirements and meet compliance standards through complete traceability. Easy to setup, easy to administer.

Solid Edge Portal: Free Cloud-Based Collaboration

The Solid Edge Portal offers online CAD management, viewing, and collaboration—for free. With browser-based access for viewing and markup of CAD files, on any device, you can work in real time, from anywhere. Experience secure, controlled sharing of project documents and CAD files.

Solid Edge Mechanical Design in Action

“Using Solid Edge with synchronous technology I can actually do many more iterations now that I wasn’t able to do before. And because of that, the cost of the product comes down. The weight of the product comes down. The performance goes up. The warranty is a lot longer. Quality loves it. We love it. The profit margin loves it.”
John WinterMechanical Engineering Manager – Bird Technologies