PCB management streamlines ECAD processes, collaboration and validation

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By combining the printed circuit board (PCB) and other electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) data from all your locations into a single product lifecycle management (PLM) system, Teamcenter PCB management software enables you to connect your international electronics design teams and suppliers.

When working in the native ECAD environment, Teamcenter PCB management makes it simple to utilize the full range of PLM capability. Rich data management features make it easy to locate the appropriate electronics data, and enterprise-wide ECAD parts library management helps you get rid of inconsistent and erroneous PCB component data. Using ECAD visualization, ECAD-MCAD co-design, assembly test, and analysis tools, you may also work closely with others inside and beyond organizational domains. You may generate your PCB designs more rapidly and properly assess their readiness for release to production by utilizing PCB management to record, share, and collaborate on the creation of your PCB designs.

PCB Data Management is made up of powerful features that streamlines ECAD processes, collaboration and validation. Read more below.

Altium-PLM Integration

A strategic challenge is the intelligent handling of PCB design data. The Teamcenter connection for Altium Designer boosts productivity and reduces waiting time by gathering, organizing, locating, and reusing the appropriate design data from anywhere. You can view, manage, and archive PCB data in a single safe location with its straightforward access to a full range of product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities, which helps you optimize your design through production processes.

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Cadence Allegro-PLM Integration

PCB design data is a valuable resource. By allowing PCB design teams to gather, maintain, discover, and reuse the appropriate data from a single safe location, Teamcenter interfaces for Cadence Allegro and OrCAD protect the security of that data while enhancing designer productivity. You may store and archive PCB data more successfully with the use of product lifecycle management (PLM) capability, which helps to improve design through manufacturing processes.

Mentor-PLM Integration

Digital design management is provided via Teamcenter integration for Mentor Xpedition, Xpedition EDM, and PADS, which guarantees the accuracy and security of PCB design processes and data. Your electronics design team can cut total engineering costs, avoid mistakes and project delays, and make the most use of available resources. A development cycle that allows for collaborative, multi-domain co-design with complete traceability is made possible by controlled access to all electronics design data at any moment. You may synchronise data interchange across design domains and coordinate the whole multi-domain electronics design process, including logical, physical, analytical, and production, using Xpedition EDM.


PCB Parts Library Management

Organization-wide administration of PCB parts definitions, including qualities and relationships, is made possible by Teamcenter PCB parts library management. From various ECAD tool libraries, you may import, combine, and manage component data. You can also link to supplier relationships and environmental compliance data. The use of prohibited parts is prevented by setting up workflow procedures and access restrictions for implementing modifications. Everyone will have access to precise and consistent part information thanks to automatic synchronization with local tool libraries.

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