Cadence Allegro-PLM Integration Incorporates PCB Design Into Product Development


PCB design data is a valuable resource. By allowing PCB design teams to collect, maintain, discover, and reuse the appropriate data from a single safe location, Teamcenter integrations for Cadence® Allegro® and OrCAD protect the security of that data while enhancing designer productivity. You may store and archive PCB data more successfully with the use of product lifecycle management (PLM) capability, which helps to improve design through manufacturing processes.

The Cadence Allegro and OrCAD Teamcenter interfaces provide the opening and saving of native design files, cross-domain engineering collaboration, generation of visualisation files, sharing of fabrication and assembly information with suppliers, and creation of full product Bills-of-Material. You can easily identify, access, and manage the development, modification, and release of your most important electronics data when PCB design processes are managed by Teamcenter and integrated into organised workflows and efficient change management procedures.

Cadence Allegro Integration Incorporates PCB Design Into Product Development. Read More About These Features Below.

Access up-to-date product information quickly and easily

You may work in a collaborative design environment thanks to Teamcenter integration, which offers easy access to product and process data. To further improve your design-through-manufacturing processes, Teamcenter software’s Active Workspace, secure access controls, and single source of data and process information provide you quick access to a comprehensive range of product lifecycle management (PLM) features.

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Automated Workflow Processes, Including Design Release and Change

Structured workflows and change procedures must be implemented throughout the whole organisation if product delivery and quality goals are to be consistently met. You may establish workflows to start, carry out, evaluate, and approve product modifications or new part requests using Siemens PLM Software’s best practises and AdvantEdge methodology. As part of these organised procedures, you can automatically route the required alerts. You may fulfil delivery objectives and guarantee complete product quality by using organised workflows, problem tracking, and coordinated change management procedures.

ECAD-MCAD Co-design Collaboration as Products Evolve

Teamcenter provides an ECAD/MCAD co-design environment that facilitates cross-domain collaboration in order to maintain design data synchronised across domains. Your designers may communicate and exchange design information as a design develops using the Incremental Data eXchange format (IDX or EDMD) maintained in Teamcenter. You may exchange incremental data, approve or reject modifications, and add change notes or comments to the material being shared as part of the co-design process.

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Manufacturing Validation and Release to Manufacturing

Teamcenter includes visualisation and Bill-of-Materials (BOM) management tools that enable you to see, cross-probe, and analyse PCB data for fabrication, assembly, and test-related concerns in order to make sure designs are prepared for a seamless transition into production. The mark-up features produce a useful history of the design’s development. When verifying and conveying modifications to production, the BOM comparison and grading capabilities help to assure the accuracy and completeness of the data given.

Preconfigured Pdm to Get Into Production Quickly, and Cost-Effectively, Then Grow To Plm

To meet a variety of corporate demands, Teamcenter offers multiple deployment choices. By utilising a wide range of apps, you may increase the value of your Teamcenter solution thanks to its demonstrated scalability. For small and medium-sized businesses looking for a growth route to PLM, Teamcenter Rapid Start offers a preconfigured PDM deployment option that handles design data as well as regular activities and procedures. This makes it a great entry point into the Teamcenter product family.


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