Materials data management for innovative and sustainable products
The molecular nature of matter

Materials Data & Lifecycle Management

Material information and how it’s managed can have a profound effect on your product’s lifecycle, and materials data management often plays a role in the success of the product. Many of today’s innovative designs owe their success to the revolutionary use and discovery of new materials – from lightweight mobile telephones and tablets to electric vehicles, to advanced aircraft, to green energy equipment (wind turbines, solar, etc.), to medical devices.

In this age of material-driven product design, Teamcenter® product lifecycle management (PLM) can help you manage the lifecycle of all the materials used in your products so that your company can create innovative, sustainable products. People across your business can manage the entire lifecycle of materials in Teamcenter – from material design to production – along with the lifecycle of the products that include these materials. You can aggregate materials and substances across product definitions and grade your products for environmental compliance..


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