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Teamcenter MCAD / Mechanical Design Management

Teamcenter, from Siemens PLM Software, brings together all your mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) data in a single design management environment. Whether your company uses one or more MCAD tools, you can easily find parts and assemblies created in other tools within your preferred MCAD environment, then modify and incorporate them into multi-CAD assemblies or product designs. Teamcenter automatically translates multi-CAD data into the CAD-neutral 3D format, JT, which extends access, even to non-CAD users.

With Teamcenter design management, you can automate your engineering change, validation and approval processes to speed cycle time and improve product quality. Collaborate with design data, revisions and product configurations – across locations and extended supply chains. Digital mock-up and validation capabilities provide visibility to design changes in real-time. You can validate changes against every configuration, and visualize, probe, section, analyze and mark up. Version management and access controls mean the right people have the right information.

Whether you use AutoCAD, CATIA, Creo, Inventor, NX, Solid Edge, or SolidWorks, Teamcenter has a mechanical design management solution for you. Learn more below.

Mechanical Design (MCAD) Integration

Teamcenter supports design collaboration within and beyond your engineering work group. Designers can use Teamcenter directly from their mechanical CAD (MCAD) tool, accessing live Teamcenter information including check-in/check-out, maturity status, revision, where-used, what’s changed, project assignments and more. People across your business, in different locations and throughout your supply chain, can collaborate on designs in the CAD-neutral JT format, so everyone can make decisions based on a common view of the product.

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Screenshot of Digital mockup to collaborate

Digital mockup to collaborate, validate and re-use design data

Teamcenter multi-CAD management eliminates the error-prone process of translating MCAD data from multiple tools to make it usable in your design environment. Using the CAD-neutral JT format you can share, reuse and modify component designs in your preferred MCAD systems and incorporate them into multi-CAD assemblies. You can visualize, probe, section, analyze and mark-up these multi-CAD assemblies. The digital mock-up and validation capabilities enable you to validate design changes in multiple configurations of the product.

Multi-CAD mechanical design management

You may have received MCAD files from suppliers that use different MCAD systems, which means you must work with data in many different formats.

Teamcenter converts multi-CAD data into the CAD-neutral JT format automatically, so you can re-use, create, share and modify component designs in your preferred MCAD system and incorporate them into multi-CAD assemblies or product designs. This innovative approach to multi-CAD collaboration enables you to leverage all your MCAD tool investments.

Screenshot of Multi-CAD mechanical design