Control product profitability by performing product cost management early in the product lifecycle
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Teamcenter product cost management

When you’re developing a new product, you need to be innovative. You need to understand the market opportunity. You need to deliver a quality product, and the timing needs to be right. Perhaps most importantly, you need to be cost-conscious. No matter how great your product is, it cannot be successful without profitability.

Teamcenter product cost management supports the cost and value engineering approach at an early stage of the development process by providing cost transparency for products and tools. This approach enables a quantifiable decision base for cost optimized products. With the integrated product profitability calculation in Teamcenter you can secure product investments by predicting future product costs and prices over the entire product lifecycle. Product cost management provides a digital twin of your product and tool costs which enables you to accurately represent planed and simulated costs. Product cost management increases speed and accuracy of request for quote responses which helps companies to win more business

Product cost management is made up of powerful features to help control profitability. Read more about these features below.

Product Costing

The Teamcenter solution for product costing provides an enterprise-wide platform for managing calculations, and thus provides the basis for standardized costing methods, models for fact-based calculations, and transparency into cost drivers. Teamcenter product costing provides you with the opportunity to optimize product costs to maximize margins, profits, and return-on-investment. You get reliable cost estimates and transparency to achieve target costs, optimal procurement prices, and profitable sale prices.

product cost management
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Tool Costing

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