Increase productivity with an intuitive PLM search experience
Performance Analytics

Teamcenter Search & Analytics

Teamcenter® search and analytics capabilities provide you with a streamlined and intuitive product lifecycle management (PLM) search experience to help you quickly find the data you need. It literally puts PLM data at your fingertips, in a view that you can understand, when you need it. Teamcenter allows you to find what you need faster, enabling you to see the big picture and analyze your findings. With highly intuitive search capabilities, Teamcenter visually presents search results in logical groups, making it easy for you to drill-down through product structures and relationships to quickly find what you are looking for. Teamcenter reporting and analytics provides you with a web-based, easy-to-use solution that compiles and aggregates data produced throughout the lifecycle from multiple data sources. You get the results you need quickly, in an intuitive format, to know your product better and make better decisions.

Search and Analytics helps you increase your productivity with an intuitive PLM search experience. Read more about these features below.

Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools

Visibility into the cumulative knowledge of product development is critical to making smart business decisions. It takes a single source of reporting and analytics information to deliver the insight necessary for you to fully know your product. Natural language self-service reporting helps you efficiently create new analytics and out-of-the-box reports help you quickly gain an understanding of your products and processes.

Report Analysis