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Solid Edge – A Complete 3D CAD system

Solid Edge – A Complete 3D CAD system

The beauty of synchronous technology lies in its freedom, in its seamlessness. It connects everyone in the product lifecycle – and it connects all too well. Solid Edge Insight provides uncomplicated design management tools, tailored to the needs of the product development team. Unlike traditional document and data management solutions, Solid Edge PLM software is transparent in the CAD design work-flow and enhances the productivity of designers without additional training.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of Solid Edge Implementation:

Included as an integral component of Solid Edge, Insight is extraordinarily inexpensive when compared to conventional data management solutions. Figures from studies show how companies using Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology can save by avoiding downtime and waiting on updates from their suppliers. We have seen that costly rework can be avoided through Solid Edge’s ability to track and maintain associativity between the 3D model and its many different drawings. It gives immediate feedback that you have changed designs. Using Solid Edge as a single source for all your 2D and 3D design requirements reduces your IT costs and lowers your total cost of ownership for CAD technologies.

With Solid Edge Insight, companies don’t have to spend time and resources defining a database schema or configuration data management functions. Solid Edge is the only practical design system allowing you to create from scratch 2D data, and edit or maintain your legacy 2D data from multiple systems while you move to 3D – at your own pace and using a single product.

Solid Edge PLM software provides a much faster design experience. Not only that, it means faster time-to-market. Companies experience less downtime waiting for supplier turnarounds. Solid Edge Zero D introduces tangible productivity gains and cost savings through better coordination of design team activities; project leaders can plan ahead of time, letting design engineers to focus on their area of specialization.

Under conventional data management systems, training requirements can significantly increase implementation time and cost. By leveraging existing 2D data to create 3D components for new design projects, you continue to gain from your original investment while learning the same tools that will increase your 3D productivity. AutoCAD import wizards enable 2D data to look the same in Solid Edge as it did in AutoCAD, so users are instantly familiar with the drawings and don’t need to go through a steep learning curve.

At PROLIM, we agree that foresight and continued development have established Solid Edge Insight as a clear leader for design data management with thousands of licenses in use. I believe it’s very true what Solid Edge PLM software says it is – technologically superior 3D CAD, smart service and support that’s always there, and a product unique architecture that’s designed to take your design into the future.

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