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Solid Edge Assembly Commands: Isolate and Toggle Display

This Snackbyte video covers the Isolate and Toggle Display commands within the Solid Edge assembly environment.

Let’s recap this video by going over the commands and how to use them.

Isolate Command

  • Select the part(s) you would like to isolate.
  • Right-click and select the isolate command from the shortcut menu. This will show only the selected parts in the graphic window.
  • On the right-hand side of the graphic window, there are two new commands: Restore Isolate and Dismiss Isolate. Restore Isolate will revert the display configuration back to what it was before you used the Isolate command. Dismiss Isolate will leave the display configuration the same.

Toggle Display Command

  • Select the Toggle Display command shown at the bottom of the Solid Edge application.
  • Once selected, all hidden parts will now be shown in a ghosted style.
  • This environment allows you to select a part and switch the status of that part. For example, if you selected a shown part, it would then hide it.

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