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Solid Edge – Breaking Product Design Barriers

Technology is changing and growing at a fast pace today, helping companies improve their products and processes continuously thereby lowering cost. For businesses looking for a software tool that can help with 3D design, simulation, manufacturing, data management and more, they need Solid Edge.

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology is a hybrid CAD mechanical design system that offers the flexibility and control of parametric design and the speed and simplicity of direct modeling. It is used extensively by companies today, for creating and managing 3D digital prototypes. With Solid Edge you can:

  • Eliminate pre-planning
  • Rebuild issues and avoid feature failures
  • Have no more time-consuming reworks

With accelerated design, faster revisions, and better imported reuse, Solid Edge makes creating a product design a breeze.

Gain a head start over your competition

From synchronized technology to complete digital prototyping, you can take your product design to the next level with Solid Edge. It allows you to import files and gain access to data with ease on the same system, and manipulate the existing design, as required.

The state-of-the-art Solid Edge software helps save time and computing power. When it comes to very complex parts, the whole model does not have to regenerate each time.

Benefits of using Solid Edge

  • Facilitates low cost of ownership in comparison to conventional data management solutions
  • Easy setup with no need for defining a database schema or configuring data management functions
  • Reduces design errors
  • Full compatibility and scalability with Siemen’s market-leading Teamcenter system
  • Enables faster design changes, even to legacy 3D CAD models. You can quickly and easily make changes to any model, without any tension of feature failures, or reworks
  • Reduces the need to construct expensive physical prototypes
  • Increases quality and performance because Solid Edge helps create a complete digital mockup of your design that helps identify, analyze and sort issues in the design stage itself
  • Maintains the value of legacy data with built-in data management capabilities, and no IT support. The migration tools enable rapid conversion of legacy design data from virtually any CAD system
  • Improves communication with new part and assembly color controls
  • Optimizes the performance and reliability of your products

Using Solid Edge, you can share designs and data securely, with suppliers and customers throughout the product development lifecycle. Each user is assigned rights that help them access and download files when required. Solid Edge is affordable, easy to use and offers powerful features essential to mechanical design.

Partner Overview

PROLIM is a leading provider of end-to-end IT, PLM and Engineering Services and Solutions for Global 1000 companies. We are the authorized SIEMENS PLM Channel partner to sell and service Solid Edge. Partner with us and put life into every product lifecycle, and succeed in your product lifecycle management strategies.

Interested in knowing more about Solid Edge and how it can benefit your company?  Please contact us @ Prolim.com or leave your thoughts in the comment section or you can download free solid edge trial.

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