Solid Edge – Changing Caption Colors In Draft

Solid Edge – Changing Caption Colors In Draft

Occasionally the font colors on captions in a draft are hard to see for some users. Therefore the color needs changed. For example, once you place a detail view it will callout that detail name, but you can add the scale of the view as well as a variety of other options. The Scale color will not change with the name of the view. To get this secondary caption to change colors you must follow the workflow below.

1. As an example, you have the following detail view with the scale as the secondary caption as shown below.

2. To change the color of “Detail A” select the view and Click the Select Properties Button on the Floating Toolbar.

3. Inside this menu Click the Caption Tab.

4. By default the Caption type will be set to Primary caption. You can select the color and this will only  change “Detail A”

5. To change the Scale you must pulldown the Caption type and change it to Secondary Caption then you can select the color for the scale.

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